Forestry Directorate

The Forestry Directorate conducts administrative and other expert tasks relating to data collection and managing the database on the forest condition and development; manages the forest and forest land cadastre in the Canton area; prepares the Cantonal forest development plan; follows the dynamic of tasks relating to the creation of forest management regions and their realization; keeps record of objects for the forest seed processing and production and of manufacturers of forest and ornamental trees and bushes; does report tasks and monitors the status and level of forest damage; provides direct protection of forests with its guard control; it gives tasks to Cantonal forestry company regarding state owned forest and forest land management and it monitors the implementation of contractual obligations; monitors the realization of the program for the integral forest protection; monitors the economic condition of forestry in the area of the Canton; participates in the creation of expert opinions for the creation and revision of forest management regions; creates plans for the construction and maintenance of forest roads and protection of water sources and water courses within forest resources; monitors the conduction of the implementation of the single price of forestry products; makes the annual work plan; financial plan and annual report; does other expert tasks from the jurisdiction of the Forestry Directorate, according to the Law on Forests.

Basic organizational units of the Directorate are:

  • Department for legal, economic-financial affairs and expert tasks

  • Department West (areas of Hadžići, Ilidža, Novo Sarajevo, Novi Grad and Trnovo municipalities),

  • Department North (areas of Ilijaš, Vogošća, Stari Grad and Centar municipalities),

Department for legal, economic-financial affairs and expert tasks conducts legal, economic and financial affairs and expert tasks in the field of forestry, relating to legal and economic and financial affairs and planning and analysis in the field of forestry, cultivation and forest protection, that are not within jurisdiction of the Department West and Department North. It conducts other tasks according to the law or if ordered by Directorate.

Department West and Department North conducts expert tasks concerning tree marks, planning of forest-cultivation works, guarding and protection of forests, keeping record on completed works and conducted measures planed in forest management plans, conducts other tasks according to law and ordered by the Directorate.