Seating of the Assembly of Canton Sarajevo: Draft of the Budget for the year 2018 adopted with the amount of 757,255,600 BAM


Minister of finances of Canton Sarajevo Jasmin Halebić said, during the 35th meeting of the Assembly of Canton Sarajevo, that with the adopted Budget for the year 2018, with the amount of 757,255,600 BAM, an increase in revenue and capital transfers and a decrease in the amount of debt is planned for the upcoming period.
He also pointed out that the number of employees in the institutions of Canton Sarajevo will be increased to 10,730, and that the total amount of debt will be 8 million BAM.
He said that the planned capital transfer have been increased by 40% compared to the year 2017.
According to this Draft, implementation of a significant number of important projects will be continued and financed from domestic credits from current revenue.
Among others, for the purchase of apartments for war veterans amount of 1,700,000 BAM has been planned. For giving financial lawns for housing needs, an amount of 1,050,000 BAM has been planned.
For the Project of road construction and solving of proprietary and legal relationships an amount of 16,400,000 BAM has been planned.
Besides that, Ministry of Traffic plans to give 20,000,000 BAM for the recovery of Cantonal Public Utility Company “GRAS”.
Along with the projects that will continue to be implemented, the project “Vogošća cross-road” in the amount of 800,000 BAM has been planed in the new Budget. For the project “Construction and reconstruction of cross roads in Canton Sarajevo”, the Road Directorate will receive 1,200,000 BAM.
For the procurement of motor vehicles for the Police Department a total amount of 3,000,000 BAM is planned.
When it comes to the Ministry of Economy, for the project “Infrastructural arrangement and resolving of property issues”, a total of 2,500,000 BAM is planned. For the “Co-financing of the regional water supply system Hojta-Bjelašnica-Igman”, 1,950,000 BAM is planned in the Budget. 1,000,000 BAM will be spent on the project “Construction of new and the sanation of the existing ski slopes on Mt Bjelašnica” and 1,000,000 BAM on the “Construction of the Sport Center Trnovo”.
For the procurement of equipment for the The Public Institution Health Center of Sarajevo Canton 1,060,000 BAM has been planned, and for the equipment for the Clinical Center of the University in Sarajevo and for the Public Institution General Hospital “Prim. Dr. Abdulah Nakaš” Sarajevo, a total of 1,000,000 BAM for each of these institutions has been planned. .
The Government will spend 1,500,000 BAM for the construction of the University Library and for the procurement of equipment needed for the realization of the “Electronic Journal” Project, the Government plans to spend 1,100,000 BAM.
For capital transfers to other levels of government for projects of construction and reconstruction of water supply system and sewage a total amount of 3,354,000 BAM is planned. An amount of 3,000,000 BAM is planned for the reconstruction of the water supply system of Cantonal Public Utility Company “Water Supply System and Sewage” Sarajevo.
A total amount of 224,116,984 BAM from the Budget is planned for pays and fees, and accumulated deficit is planned to be 6,000,000 BAM from the current surplus.
The public hearing will last 20 days. The representatives have also adopted the Law on Amendments to the Traffic Law of Canton Sarajevo and the Law on Amendments to the Law on Additional Rights of the War Veterans of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The representatives supported to an Elaborate, more precisely, to an initiative for forming of a science center for providing inclusion support.
The proposal of the decision on the extension of activities of the Faculty of Sport (adult education), as well as proposal of decision on giving approval on the text of the Agreement between Municipality Center Sarajevo and Canton Sarajevo concerning withdrawal of the claim and the counterclaim on the text of the Contract that regulates the joint use of the Municipality Center building, have been withdrawn from the agenda. The report on the current state in the field of employment in the Sarajevo Canton for the year 2016, has also been withdrawn.
The Information on the level of realization of the Assembly’s conclusions by the Government of Canton Sarajevo will be on the agenda of the next seating of Canton Sarajevo Assembly.