The Sarajevo Film Festival brings in 50 million KM in eight days


The representatives of the Government of the Sarajevo Canton, led by Edin Forto, Prime Minister of the Sarajevo Canton met with the representatives of Directorate of the Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF) and representatives of cantonal public companies which support this major cultural event.
This year SFF will be held from August 16-23 and will be accompanied by Goran Bregovic's concert on August 24 at the Bijela Tabija.
Mirsad Purivatra, director of the festival said that this year's festival is going to take place at two new locations in the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo, and he pointed out that security, cleanliness of the city, proper supply of water and electricity are the most important during this festival.

The SFF Directorate asked approval for catering facilities to have an extended working time and work until two hours after midnight, and the Sarajevo Canton Ministry of Transport promised that tram and trolley lines would also operate extended hours. It is a contribution to the safety and comfort of our citizens and guests.
The Study, two years ago, states that more than 50 million KM are generated in the eight days of the festival. About 30,000 tourists visit the Canton during the festival, and 10,000 of them come exclusively for the event. While the average tourist stay in our Canton 2-3 days, festival tourists stay 4-5 days and spend approximately 150 KM a day.
"The cultural and creative industries have the highest rate of return on invested capital. This brings 50 million KM in eight days. The reputation and the image of the Canton as a result of this event are hardly measurable in money", said Forto.
A survey showed that the first associations of Sarajevo for foreigners are the assassination, the Sarajevo Film Festival, the war and the Olympics.