The Sarajevo Canton Assembly Collegium: 37th working session scheduled for January 31st


Members of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly Collegium agreed that the 37th working session of the Assembly will be held on Wednesday, 31 January this year, at 10:00. According to the Agenda of this session, Mps will consider the Draft Law on Textbooks in the Sarajevo Canton, Proposal of Program Work of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly for 2018, Proposal of Decision on Approval of the Draft Agreement on the Regulation of Mutual Rights and Obligations Between the Sarajevo Canton - Ministry of Traffic and Trnovo Municipality on the joint construction of the underground garage in Bjelašnica, Proposal of Decision on the extension of the activity of the Public Institution High School Center Ilijaš "Nedžad Ibrišimović" with Center for Adult Education activities and Proposal of Decision on approval for establishment of the Institute of Iranian Studies in Sarajevo.

There will also be a discussion on the proposals for granting approval for the signing of a real estate purchase agreement between Kapital-investa doo Sarajevo as a seller and KJKP Toplane-Sarajevo doo Sarajevo and the Sarajevo Canton. The Institute for the construction of the Sarajevo Canton will present the Sarajevo Canton as a buyer for the purpose of building a stationary boiler house "Alipašin Most 1, as well as changing the name of the street, renaming the street in the area of Stari Grad Municipality, about naming part of the promenade in the area of Stari Grad Municipality, and naming the newly built streets in the village of Donja Vogošća and at the locality "MZ Betanija-Šip". At the agenda of this session will be proposals for decisions on approval of the Program and Financial Plan for Revenues and Expenditures for the 2018 of the Sarajevo Cantonal Housing Fund, approval of the Work Program and the Financial Plan for Revenues and Expenditures for this year of the Sarajevo Canton Fund for the construction of apartments for members of the shahid family and killed soldiers, war veterans, demobilized soldiers and displaced persons.

There will also be two very important strategic documents on the agenda, namely the Draft Strategy for the Development of Education and Science of the Sarajevo Canton for the 2018-2022 period. and Draft Strategy for Youth of the Sarajevo Canton for the same time period. MPs will also discuss work reports and financial operations (2016 year) of the Clinical Center of the Sarajevo University, General Hospital "Prim. dr. Abdulah Nakaš "," Television of the Sarajevo Canton ", as well as reports on operations of Cantonal public enterprises" Veterinarska stanica "," Poljoprivredno dobro Butmir "," Sarajevo - šume ", Center" Skenderija "," ZOI '84 ". In addition, for 2016, it will be analyzed The report of the Ministry of Transport of the Sarajevo Canton about determination of the number of free taxi labels, as well as Analysis of the activities and social protection services in the personnel, financial and material-technical condition of the institutions in the area of social protection in the Sarajevo Canton.