Representatives of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly did not accept reports from ten companies


After nine hours of discussion, the representatives of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly did not accept 2017 business reports of cantonal public companies: Vodovod i kanalizacija, Rad, Trgovine-pijace, Toplane, Sarajevogas and Park. Only the KJKP Pokop report was accepted.
The mentioned reports continually monitor the work results of cantonal public communal companies, and mainly focus on business problems, realized losses and gains, as well as the impact of communal services prices on the financial result and the proposal of economic prices.
Srđan Mandić, Minister of the Communal Economy and Infrastructure, spoke to representatives of Cantonal Assembly and representatives of public and communal companies and expressed an expectation that everyone in the next mandate will behave properly according to the Sarajevo Canton situation.
"The priority of the relevant Ministry is the restructuring of the communal economy companies, as well as the transparency of their work. It is very important to respect good management practice, but also to assume the responsibility of everyone in the business process”, Minister Mandic said.
He announced that on 8 February 2019, the opening of public tenders would begin, pointing out that tenders should not be suspended and that ISO quality prescribes the tender’s criteria.
Elmedin Konaković, the Assembly Chairman of the Sarajevo Canton, assessed that the situation in most companies was catastrophic, and even today it has not changed much, but the changes are noticeably better and those who want to make progress must have a synergy and good policy.
"There are two things to be considered here, the public satisfaction with the utility service and the financial effects of work," concluded the Chairman.
During the debate, the importance and impact of the communal economy on the rest of the economy in the Sarajevo Canton was also highlighted, and serious and measurable reforms have to be launched in this segment.
Business Reports of the KJP "Sarajevo-šume", ZOI '84 "Olimpijski centar Sarajevo, "Veterinarska stanica","Poljoprivredno dobro Butmir ", Sarajevo-Ilidža for 2017 did not receive support from representatives of the Cantonal Assembly, while Haris Bašić, Minister of Economy withdrew the report of the Centar Skenderija from the Agenda.