The representatives of Canton Sarajevo Assembly adopted the Law on Amendments to the Law on Spatial Planning, and on procurement, holding and carrying weapons and ammunition


The new Law on Internal Affairs formed a new structure within the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Canton Sarajevo, in a way that makes the Police Department a Cantonal authority and as a part of the Ministry. Along with these laws, the Assembly also adopted the Law on Agencies and Internal departments for the protection of humans and property and the Law on the amnesty for illegal holding of mines and explosives and weapons in the Federation of BiH. The representatives also adopted the Law on Public Assembly, the Law on preventing violence and inappropriate behavior during sport events and the Law on Inspections of the Federation of BiH.

Among others. the representatives adopted the Decision on accepting a contract on purchasing of real estates of the Public Institution “Student Center” in Nedžarići between the Federal Government and the Government of Canton Sarajevo. The value of the contract s 23.500,000 BAM.

The Assembly adopted the Decision of giving consent on the contract on continuation of the Project “Construction of collective housing objects, using the ROU-BAU method, locality Šip, Center Municipality for the housing of the internally displaced persons and families in the state of social need”.

The Assembly also adopted the Decision on nominating the president and members of the Assembly of Public Utility Company “Water supply system and Sewage”, Decision on the Amendments of the Decision on naming the members of the National Minorities Council.

On the end of the seating, the Assembly adopted the Study on the health condition of the population, hygiene conditions and healthcare department in Canton Sarajevo for the last year, along with the Opinion of the Ministry of Health and with the Suggestion of measures for improving the overall health condition of the population and hygienic conditions.