Protocol on Cooperation between the Government of Canton Sarajevo and Istočni Stari Grad Municipality: Promoting Projects of Mutual Interest


Protocol on Cooperation between the Government of Canton Sarajevo and Istočni Stari Grad Municipality was signed by the Prime Minister of Canton Sarajevo, Adem Zolj and the Mayor of the aforementioned Municipality, Bojo Gašanović. Minister of Economy Muharem Šabić and Minister of Traffic Mujo Fišo, were also present at this event. The signing of the Protocol will improve and promote the cooperation between business entities in the field of infrastructure projects. With the Protocol, the two parties arranged joint cooperation in activities which will promote projects of mutual interest, and especially those which are related to road network, water system and lighting in the area of Trebević. “The nonsense of administrative borders is best reflected on the road that leads to Trebević, because we have three areas that belong to the Federation of BiH, and one that belongs to Republika Srpska, but the infrastructure is mutual. In this year, the Government of Canton Sarajevo began the reconstruction of the road that leads the way to the sport and recreational center Brus. Now, when more and more citizens and tourist use the cable car, it is necessary to secure and connect Vidikovac location with the nearby areas”, said the Prime Minister Zolj. According to Mayor Gašanović, the Protocol is the foundation for every kind of future cooperation and it means a lot for the citizens of Canton Sarajevo. “The Istočni Stari Grad Municipality has invested in the area of Brus in the last eight years and it created nearby picnic sites, and Canton Sarajevo invests in the infrastructure so we can get an economic and tourist center in which our citizens and tourists will enjoy during the whole season”, said Mayor Gašanović. The Ministry of Traffic will do anything to provide better road connection of the Center of Sarajevo with Trebević. “The road that leads from Krupac to Hadžići is under construction, and for this project we invested around 9 million BAM. We also planned to extend the transversal XII to the roundabout on the teritory of Istočni Stari Grad Municipality in order to shorten the amount of time needed to get to Bjelašnica Mountain”, announced Minister Fišo. The improvement of mutual contacts in the field of culture, sport and tourism from the aspect of tourist offer is also an important part of this Protocol. As Minister Šabić said, Trebević represents a unique area, and the interest is to increase the number of tourists. That is why it is necessary to make new tracks on this mountain and to expand the number of hotels.