III International Business Conference of the Sarajevo Canton 2018: Created a good business environment for attracting foreign investors


The Sarajevo Canton International Business Conference 2018, opened today and will last two days. The organizer of this Conference is the Ministry of Economy of the Sarajevo Canton, and its partners are the Chamber of Economy of the Sarajevo Canton and the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Austria - the Chamber of Commerce of Carinthia and the Styrian Chamber of Commerce.
"The International Business Conference is traditionally held in the Sarajevo Canton, where the current events in the region and the world, as well as the business challenges of today, are being discussed. This event is an opportunity for business people to improve existing cooperation and establish a new business relationship and to take advantage of participation in panel discussions and bilateral meetings, "explained Muharem Šabić, Minister of Economy.
He announced that two panel discussions were planned: "Chances and Challenges of the Manufacturing Industry" and "Cooperation between Education and the Economy as a Promoter of Economic Development", where the focus will be on the education system of the Sarajevo Canton and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
"In the past few years, we have witnessed the expansion of the metal processing industry, the wood timber industry, the IT sector and tourism, and we are trying to educate as many people as possible to respond to the modern labor market.
The Government of the Sarajevo Canton has invested a million KM for education and youth employment, which tries to prevent young people from leaving.
Foreign investors will only invest in our country if they have an adequate business environment and a motivated workforce that they can employ, "Minister Šabić said.
He also pointed out that Ministry of Economy has invested two million KM in the industrial zone.
"It is very important that we present to foreign investors the available Sarajevo Canton resources, as well as to point out that we have improved the business environment to encourage them to invest," Minister Šabić said.
According to the words of Jürgen Mandla, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Carinthia, this Conference is an opportunity for new potentials and opportunities so that we, as one of the biggest investors in BiH, will continue with them in the future.
"The link between investors, business entities and employers, and in particular the presentation of economic investment potentials, are of great importance not only for the Sarajevo Canton but for the whole BiH," said Denis Zvizdić, Chairman of Bosnia and Herzegovina Council of Ministers.
He added that the reforms that have been made in the last two and a half years have brought significant results, and there has been an increase in exports as the most important indicator of development.
"This means that we have to continue with the reforms, no matter how painful they are, so that we can make a perspective of the state of BiH. This requires the reform of the education system and strengthening of the family as the core cell of society because they are based on social and economic development of BiH ", underlined President Zvizdić.
Mr Martin Pammer, Ambassador of Austria to BiH stated that there is an interest in investing in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is best illustrated by the fact that this Conference brought together about 200 businessmen from different parts of the world.
After introductory talks and panels, bilateral meetings have been planned for which this year there is a great interest - both domestic and foreign businessmen.
Economic and financial experts from the country and abroad, representatives of domestic and foreign companies from various sectors of the economy as well as representatives of the diplomatic corps and governing structures participated at the Conference.