Four economic entities which operate in the Sarajevo Canton signed Contracts of Financing


Supported by the Ministry of Economy of the Sarajevo Canton, representatives of companies Bloc Ltd. Sarajevo, MDG International Ltd., Mostarlić Ltd. Sarajevo and Polyclinic "Atrijum" have signed contracts of financing with Edin Brkić, Director of legal entities of Bosnia Bank International. “The project - “40 million to the economy of the Sarajevo Canton” has started with this occasion” said Muharem Šabić, minister of Economy of the Sarajevo Canton. On the base of the Public call and an Agreement of cooperation between the Ministry of Economy of the Sarajevo Canton and Bosna Bank International dd Sarajevo, these four companies have been granted funds under favorable conditions with subsidized profit margin. Everyone who is interested in small business can apply for this Public call until the end of the current year.
Total funding for the implementation of the agreements signed today for financing the mentioned companies of small business is 2,505,000 KM, while the Ministry of the Economy of the Sarajevo Canton will provide funds to subsidize part of the profit margin of three percentage. "The maximum authorized amount of funding per beneficiary is up to one million KM, with repayment period depending on the amount of credit claims from 36 to 84 months. The production and especially export-oriented companies, have priority in exerciseing the right to the loan funds" the explained Minister Šabić.
Companies of small businesses, individuals and legal persons who permanently perform lawful activities for the realization of income or profit according to the Law of incentive of small business development and Public call, have the rights to use these funds under credit line conditions” said Minister Šabić. Minister Šabić stated that the Government of the Sarajevo Canton and the Ministry of the Economy have planned to realize this strategic objective in the 2017 budget funds Brkić said this was a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to implement their developmvery favorable conditions and retain the existing staff or increase employment. "BBI Bank in its plan aims to strengthen the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The implementation of such projects is one of the ways to help to small and medium enterprises," said Director Brkić, and added that there is a great interest of businessmen for the mentioned project.
So far 85 companies have applied for these funds.He noted that the Bosnia Bank International dd Sarajevo has provided 40,890,000 KM for financing this project. Mirsad Đugum, director of the Polyclinic "Atrijum", one of today's contractors was also present. “This Polyclinic has existed in the Sarajevo Canton for 18 years and this is the first time that we got the opportunity to invest in the development of this health institution”, said Đugum."Health care, health services and health tourism are the fastest growing sectors in the world. Our country has all the proper facilities which can ensure their strong development process to the satisfaction of the insured and health care workers," said Đugum.