Extended public call for young people to participate in the activities of the grant scheme for entrepreneurship development and support for the start-up of new start-ups


The public call for young people to participate in the activities of the grant scheme "Entrepreneurship Development and Support for Starting New Startup Companies in the Sarajevo Canton", which was originally supposed to be completed today, was extended until August 13 this year until 5:00 pm.
Such a decision came from the requests and suggestions received from potential applicants, which is why the supplement to this public call was made in the sense that the applicants who meet the required basic criteria and have a good business idea and desire to run own business - but are already employed, can have the right to apply to this public invitation.
In the case that such persons are selected to participate in the activities of the grant scheme, before the Ministry of Economy of the Sarajevo Canton give grant funds, they will need to provide confirmation that they are unemployed.
The mentioned public call came from the Project “Better Governance to Faster Economic Growth (EGG)” - project implemented by the Ministry of Economy of the Sarajevo Canton in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Office for Employment of the Sarajevo Canton.
This public call is for young people under 35 - from the Sarajevo Canton - the municipalities of Centar Sarajevo, Hadžići, Ilijaš, Ilidža, Novi Grad, Novo Sarajevo, Stari Grad, Trnovo FB&H and the Vogošća Municipality.

The planned support program includes: a specialist multi-day entrepreneurial training program for 80 persons, non-refundable financial support for the implementation of the 55 best-rated business plans, with a maximum amount of support per business plan - 15,000 KM, mentoring support and monitoring during the first year of business...
The EGG project will co-finance a grant scheme of 150,000 KM, and these funds will cover the costs of specialist training programs as well as mentoring of successful participants for a period of 12 months. In accordance with UNDP rules and procedures, the EGG project will select providers of specialist training programs and mentoring through a public tender.
The Ministry of Economy of the Sarajevo Canton will co-finance the grant scheme with 850,000.00 KM and these funds will be exclusively spent on awarding grants to successful participants of the training programs.
The Sarajevo Canton Employment Service will at the same time provide support to selected beneficiaries for co-financing part of the costs of mandatory contributions to salaries during the first year of operation in the amount of 600.00 KM for each month of operation, which is approximately 7,200.00 KM annually for one supported beneficiary, a total of 396,000.00 KM for the planned 55 customers during the first year of operation.
Applications must be submitted by registered mail, courier or in person to: the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), “Boljom upravom do bržeg ekonomskog rasta“ (EGG) - Project “Better Governance to Faster Economic Growth” (EGG), UN HOUSE, Zmaj od Bosne bb 71000 Sarajevo.
After the deadline for submission of applications, the opening of applications and the selection of beneficiaries will be carried out in the Sarajevo Canton Government building by the competent expert selection committee. All applications submitted under this public invitation must be submitted in a sealed envelope and addressed to "EGG PROJECT - APPLICATION FOR A PUBLIC CALL UNDER THE GRANT SCHEME" ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT AND SUPPORT TO START NEW STARTUP COMPANIES IN THE SARAJEVO CANTON.
Any additional questions regarding this call can be submitted via email to registry.ba@undp.org.
The Project Better Governance to Faster Economic Growth (EGG) is financially supported by the Government of the Kingdom of Norway.
In addition to measures to improve the general economic environment, the EGG project envisages investments in innovation, education, self-employment and the development of new skills currently lacking in the market. The project will also support promising economic sectors through the development of human resources and the improvement of production capacities, all based on current and anticipated market needs. The project will be implemented from 2019 to 2021.