Elmedin Konaković, Chairman of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly and Edin Forto, Prime Minister of the Sarajevo Canton introduced candidates for ministers: The new Government will make a step forward in policy-making


The proposal of nomination of the Sarajevo Canton Government will be placed at the second working session of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly - scheduled for December 26, 2018.
On this occasion, a press conference was held today, where Elmedin Konaković, chairman of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly and Edin Forto, the Sarajevo Canton Prime Minister, addressed the public.
"This morning, we received a formal proposal from our party for the nomination of the mandate of the Sarajevo Canton Government, and, in consultation with the Vice Presidents of the Assembly, I signed the Decision on Edin Forte's mandate nomination. He immediately forwarded the names of future ministers to the new Sarajevo Canton Government", stressed Konaković.
He particularly emphasized the fact that this was the fastest nomination of the Sarajevo Canton Government in the last few election processes. All previous governments were selected in the next calendar year.
"The fact that we have a government in Sarajevo before the New Year proves the functionality of this Assembly and the new convocation of the Assembly majority," Konaković said.
Edin Forto, Mandated of the Sarajevo Canton Government, announced that this Government would be convincingly the best government of the Sarajevo Canton. On this occasion, he officially presented the candidates for future ministerial positions.
The BH block (Naša stranka also belongs to the BH block) gets the prime minister's position, also gets to lead Ministry of Health, headed by Amela Sofić, a prominent health worker, suggested by the Demokratska fronata political party.
“Also, Naša stranka will nominate the Minister of Justice and Administration Lejla Brčić, a lawyer. Srđan Mandić, a man with years of experience in system management in big companies, will have the place where it is needed - the Ministry of Communal Economy and Infrastructure.

The SDP has provided candidates for three ministries. The traffic will be managed by Adnan Šteta, a senior manager in large systems as well. The Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection will be headed by Damir Filipović, a young lawyer whom we evaluated to help us overcome all the problems in this area. In this block we also have the Ministry of Labor, Social Policy, Displaced Persons and Refugees, led by Malik Garibi, who is one of the creators with the greatest contribution to the program we have signed by six MPs as a parliamentary sixth, "Forto said.
He further presented the candidates of the Narod i Pravda. The Ministry of Education, Science and Youth will be led by Zineta Bogunić, Master of Quality Management in Education. the Minister of Finance will be Amel Kovačević, Banker and Finance Expert.
"The head Minister of the Interior Ministry will be Admir Katica, the man who will make significant steps in security. Haris Bašić, Master of Management of Companies, will lead the Ministry of Economy," he added.
Ministers nominated ahead by the Savez za bolju budućnost are also presented, namely Mirvad Kurić, the old / new Culture and Sports Minister, and Ismir Jusko, who will serve as the Minister of Ministry of Veteran's affairs.
Asked by the journalists to highlight the work priorities of the new government, he said that this government would make a step forward in policy-making. Signed principles include zero tolerance for corruption, a significant step forward in the business of Canton-owned firms, and reforms in the social policy and education sectors, where this is the most urgent, Forto said.
The first major task of the new Assembly of the majority and future Government will certainly be the adoption of the Budget for 2019. The Draft Budget will be in the agenda of the first working session of the Assembly meeting that will be held on 19th of this month and would have to get the new Budget by the end of January next year.