With the coming of spring the danger of forest fires rises: Fines for making fire in the woods and near woods up to 1,500 BAM


The Forestry Office of the Sarajevo Canton warns on increased danger of forest fires with the coming of spring and nice weather. They appeal to picnickers and to the owners of the land parcels that are bordering with the woods, to be careful when it comes to activities that can cause forest fires.

The Forestry Office of the Sarajevo Canton announces the following statement: “Pursuent to Article 73 of the Law on Woods in Canton Sarajevo, fines between 200 and 1,500 BAM are prescribed for those who make fire in the woods and in the wood land as well as on other land in the proximity of woods (150 meters). In the woods and on wood land fire can be made only on places that are marked, and with compliance to the prescribed conditions and safety measures”.

They also plead to citizens to react immediately if they spot a forest fire and to inform the Professional Fire Brigade of Canton Sarajevo on the phone number 123, and if possible to inform the Forestry Office of the Sarajevo Canton, Civil Protection and Ministry of Internal Affairs of Canton Sarajevo, because timely reaction is important for efective firefighting.

The Forestry Office also states that the “damages from the consequences of forest fires are unmeasurable. Except for the material damage measured in destroyed wood mass, much bigger damages are created with the temporary or permanent impairment of forest ecosystems. 95% of the time the main cause for forest fires are human mistakes, thunderstrike, extreme temperatures and other causes make up to just 5%”.