The Best Audit Offices at Rad, ZOI '84 and the Health Center: The goal is to get guidance for better business


In order to improve the functioning of public companies and institutions, the Government of the Sarajevo Canton, with the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and embassies in BiH, has initiated a process of expert recording of the situation in the public sector in order to obtain professional and clear guidance for its further activities in these companies.
According to this model, the Norwegian Embassy, ​​through UNDP, has provided money to hire the world's best audit firms for some companies that are judged to be able and need to do better job,. Among the first companies to enter this project are the companies Rad and ZOI '84 and the public institution Health Center.
Guri Rusten, Norwegian Ambassador, Edis Arifagić, UNDP Representative and Edin Forto, Sarajevo Canton Prime Minister have signed an agreement on the implementation of the project.
“We have estimated that the services provided by these companies have a major impact on the quality of life in the Canton and that they need professional help. I am very grateful to the Norwegian Embassy and to the UNDP for responding very promptly to my call to help us financially. We expect in return that these companies give a very clear picture and clear recommendations for our Government to improve the business of these companies and, most importantly, improve services to citizens” said Prime Minister Forto.
Ambassador Rusten pointed out that a recent report by Transparency International states that public companies are extremely vulnerable to corruption due to several factors. It emphasizes politicized supervisory boards and the administration itself, as well as low levels of transparency and responsibilities to citizens. At the same time, around 90 million KM is allocated to public companies in the Sarajevo Canton alone, which is almost 10 percent of the total budget.
“The Public Enterprise Integrity Strengthening Project (PEIP) is an initiative implemented by UNDP BiH and funded by the Government of the Kingdom of Norway. The project will support the Government of the Sarajevo Canton in formulating and implementing a set of anti-corruption measures aimed at reducing the space for corrupt activities in the public sector, especially in the segment of work of public companies” said Ambassador Rusten.
The UNDP explains that the project plans an in-depth analysis of the operations of these companies in order to identify and eliminate risky or corrupt behavior.
“The analysis will cover the audit of financial operations, the review of the public procurement process, the audit of the internal organization and many other segments of the work of these companies. Based on the results of the analysis, a set of measures for better and more transparent business will be formulated and implemented” said Arifagić.
The instruments created through this project are expected to be available to all public companies in the Canton, in cooperation with the Anti-Corruption and Quality Control Office.
The total value of the project is about 500,000 KM and will be realized in a period of 12 months.