Association of Technical Culture Novi Grad thanked the Minister of Economy Šabić and the Ministry of Economy of CS for providing support in organizing the Scientific and Professional Conference


The representatives of the Association of Technical Culture Novi Grad – Sarajevo, Salko Križevac and Sadat Kovačević handed in their appreciation letter to the Minister of Economy Muharem Šabić. The letter was handed in for support and contribution of the Minister and of the Ministry of Economy for organizing and conducting of the Conference “The Significance of Technical Culture for Youth Education”.

On this occasion, they reminded that the Conference was held on January 18th of this year, and that it was organized by this Association. They said that they have managed to gather a respectable number of participants, including the representatives of governmental and nongovernmental sector.

They highlighted that they have managed to achieve their goals which include raising the level of awareness on the significance of technical culture and improvement of literacy through education of the youth and their successful preparation for labor market. Achievement of these goals, they said, is the best way to contribute to the acceleration of the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ministar Šabić pointed out that he and the Ministry which he heads will always support the work of an association with the main mission of educating young people, because the future and development of the entire society of Bosnia and Herzegovina depends on the quality of their engagement.