With the adoption of the Statute, Tourist Association of the Sarajevo Canton was allowed to enroll in the Court register


The Sarajevo Canton Government gaves its consent to the Statute of the Tourist Association of the Sarajevo Canton, on the basis of proposals that the Constituent Assembly of the Tourist Association (appointed in October this year), submitted to the Government for approval. The name, headquarters, activities and tasks of the Tourist Association, the way of representation, its organization and scope of work, selection, mandates and the way of members recall of organs of Tourism Association, decision-making, transparence work, the way of acquisition and disposal of assets and financing resources and expenditure of revenue are determined by Statute.

Tourism Association was formed with the primary objective of tourism promoting in the area of the Sarajevo Canton through the tourist offer integration, creating a tourism product and image, working on their promotion, offers and follow-up and tourist market research. In addition to active participation in the preparation and holding of events of importance for the Canton, the Tourism Association will work on natural and cultural values conservation and the improvement of the Cantonal environment protection.

The activitiy of the Tourism Association includes the organization of unique tourist information system, a system of registration and check out of tourists and statistical analysis of these data according to the European standards. The Tourist Association has mandatory members - representatives of the private and public tourism sectors from the Sarajevo Canton municipalities (they are legal and pshyhical subjects which have their headquarters or any organizational sector in the Canton and generate income by providing catering or other tourism services or performing directly related tourism activities. The Statute treats the way of nomination, appointment mandates, responsibilities and conditions of the recall, competences, organization, decision-making and financial compensation body of the Tourism Association which include Tourism Association Assembly, Supervisory Board, Tourism Board, the President and the Office for tourism support. The Tourism Association transparency work achieves through documents, procedures and meetings of Association's organs, through public announcement and through the media.

The annual work programs with the financial operations plans are approved by the Government and the Assembly of Sarajevo Canton as well as reports on the implementation for the determined period. The Statute also provides that, in case of not adoption of the report by the Assembly of the Sarajevo Canton, as defined in the statutes of other cantonal organizations, enterprises and institutions, the duty to dismiss the management structure of the Tourism Association. The Tourism Association consists of incomes from tourist taxes, revenues from the Budget of the Sarajevo Canton as well as of local government budgets, income from business activities, donations and gifts. Tourism Association is responsible to spend at least 70 percent of the revenue generated from the tourist tax on the development and promotion of tourist offer of the Sarajevo Canton.

About the remaining funds, the Tourism Association is responsible to inform the Government, and the Government will together with the Assembly decide on the spending of these funds in the next year. The adoption of this Constitution have been met legal requirements and with this Tourism Association of Sarajevo Canton was registered at the Court, and with this current Tourism Association is removed from the Register of the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism. The staff employment, archives, documents and funds for the closing Tourism Association will be regulate by implementing regulations.