37th Assembly seating: Canton Sarajevo’s Assembly Independent Committee for the revision of the police commissioner


Representatives of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly adopted the decisions on discharge and on nomination of the Independent Commitee for the revision of the police commissioner. Members of this Commitee will be Admir Katica (as the president of the Commitee), Samir Čorbo, Mirela Alihodžić, Miroslav Kružik, Sanela Brković, Jusuf Zornić and Branimir Orašanin.


The Assembly also adopted the proposed Work programme of the Canton Sarajevo Assembly for the year 2018.


The Assembly gave its consent on the Draft of the Agreement on regulating rights and obligations between the Sarajevo Canton (represented by the Ministry of Traffic) and Municipality of Trnovo concerning the joint construction of an underground garage on Bjelašnica mountain.


The representatives gave their consent on the signing of contract on the purchase of real estate between the company “Kapital-invest” Ltd. Sarajevo (as the vender) and the public utility company “Toplane-Sarajevo” and Canton Sarajevo (as buyers). The purpose of this purchase is the construction of a boiler room “Alipašin most-1”.


The representatives also adopted the decision on expanding the activities of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education. The new activity of this Institution will be the education of adults.


The representatives adopted the annual work report of the Clinical Center of the Sarajevo University and Public Institution General Hospital “Prim. dr. Abdulah Nakaš” for the year 2016.


Also, the representatives adopted the report on financial performance of the public companies “Veterinarska stanica”, “Poljoprivredno dobro Butmir”, “Sarajevo-šume” and “Center Skenderija” for the year 2016.


The report on financial performance of the public company “ZOI’84” Olympic Centre Sarajevo Ltd. was not adopted.