26th session of the Assembly of Canton Sarajevo: Museum Law in Canton Sarajevo passed by the Assembly


Members of the Assembly of Canton Sarajevo passed the Museum Law in Canton Sarajevo on 26th session of the Assembly. This Law regulates systematic research, collecting, professional and scientific processing, preservation and presentation of museum material significant for Canton Sarajevo, City of Sarajevo and its municipalities. The Law also regulates the monitoring of the legality of museum work and other issues significant for museum activities. The Law defines the subject of museum material as: products of nature, products of human work and spirit, artifacts, documents and other records of phenomenon and processes in the society, historical events, cultural, scientific, political, economic and technical development, life and customs of human communities, life and work of distinguished personas, as well as other artifacts that represent an evidence of the development of nature and society from prehistory until present time. The Law also defines the tangible cultural heritage as created by nature or human by its work. The tangible cultural heritage are: minerals, ores, animal and plant world, and products of human work: tools, weapons, clothes, decorative items, homemade products, craft products and works of art. It defines intangible cultural heritage as knowledges, arts and skills regarding nature and human and which are the base for the production of tangible cultural heritage, which are passed from generation to generation and provide the sense of identity and continuity, with the goal of preservation of those things that are part of cultural heritage of communities, groups and individuals: language and speech, oral traditions, literature and other forms of linguistic expression, performance arts, music, songs, games and other forms of performance. Research and collection of museum material in the area of Canton Sarajevo can be done only by the following institutions established in Canton Sarajevo: National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, The Sarajevo Museum, “Alija Izetbegović” Museum. Other indpendent museums in the area of the Canton and museums that belong to or are in cooperation with the Sarajevo Museum can also research and collect the museum materials.

The Amendments of the Law on Organization and Scope of Administrative Authorities in Canton Sarajevo has been passed by the Assembly under the urgency procedure. The reason for its passing is the initiative of the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Construction and Environment Protection. This initiative is for a solution to incorporate the Housing Inspection within the Cantonal Administration for Inspection Issues, as well as the initiative of this Administration for the ammendment concerning the scope of work for the sanitary, health and pharmaceutical inspections, through introducing of a new food inspection.

The draft law on the Ammendments of the Law on Concessions has been withdrawn from the Agenda. The withdrawal was suggested by the Prime Minister of CS Elemedin Konaković. These These Amendments will be put on the Agenda of the next Assembly session, and it will incorporate the principles and norms stated during the 26th session of the Assembly, all with the goal of making a higher quality text of this very important legal act.