The representatives of the Ministry of Economy of Canton Sarajevo visited the “Sinkro” Ltd. Company

The representatives of the Ministry of Economy of the Sarajevo Canton visited the “Sinkro” Ltd. Company within the Post-investment Cooperation Network as part of the Post Investment Support Program. During the meeting they have exchanged experiences and knowledge related to the identification and quick solving of the open issues of the investor (with the goal of stimulating growth and development of the companies in BiH).

Alma Kuštrić, from the Human resources department, presented the current state of the company’s business along with the plans for the upcoming period, especially when it comes to the expansion of manufacturing capacities, new investments and new employments. She pointed out that there is an opportunity for improvement and development, especially if the existing prominent companies would receive bigger support.

Visits to the investors in BiH are conducted within the Post-investment Cooperation Network, a network of institutions from all levels of government, which cooperate together in order to find solutions of the investors open issues. Ministry of Economy of Canton Sarajevo is taking an active part in the Cooperation Network and it supports the activities of the Cooperation Network with the goal of providing ‘post investment support to companies in Canton Sarajevo.

As part of the project for attracting investors and local business environment improvement - Project LIFE, the World Bank Groupation, in cooperation with the UK Embassy in BiH provides technical assistance to the Cooperation Network and to the Post-investment Support Program in the Sarajevo Canton.