NOTIFICATION for physical and legal persons – traders from the Sarajevo Canton on the manner of validation of a trading book

Article 2, paragraph 3 of the Ordinance on Amendments to the Ordinance of the Form, Content and Management of a Trade Book ("Official Gazette of the FBiH", No. 97/17), amended Article 5, paragraph 4 of the Ordinance on Form, Content and Method ("Official Gazette of FBiH", No. 91/15), which stipulates that "the Trading Book shall be endorsed by an authorized person - a trader and an organ of a municipality, city or county competent for economic affairs, prior to the entry of data", and prescribed that "the Trading Book is signed and verified by the responsible person of the merchant prior to the entry of the data".

Since the new Ordinance has been in force from 01 January, 2018, we hereby inform you that these amendments terminate the obligation to validate the trading book and the collection of the cantonal fee by the competent cantonal authority - Ministry of Economy of the Sarajevo Canton.