Ministry of Economy of the Sarajevo Canton gives 300.000 BAM for the regulaion of Zujevina river

Minister of Economy of the Sarajevo Canton Muharem Šabić and the Mayor of  the Ilidža Municipality Senaid Memić signed an agreement on cofinancing the project of conducting works of the sixth phase of the regulation of Zujevina river basin. Ministry of Economy has 300.000 BAM planned for this purposes only.

„The Sarajevo Canton Government is responsible for the allocation of funds from the water fees for the regulation of water streams which fall under category two, so they would not flood the surrounding settlements“, said Minister Šabić and he also added that the competent Ministry will continue to invest in projects that will reduce the number of floods in the area of Ilidža Municipality.

Mayor Memić said that the Ilidža Municipality has an interest to prevent natural disasters in its area.

“With the regulation of Zujevina river we will prevent the flooding of Blažuj and Osjek, and the areas from Mostarsko raskršće to Pazarić and Tarčin”, said Mayor Memić.

Safety of the citizens and the protection of their property is a priority and that is why Ilidža Municipality and The Sarajevo Canton will do everything in order to provide those two things.