Information about the hotel "Marsal" on Mt Bjelasnica

Hotel Marsal has been in a very difficult situation for many years.
The financial records show suppliers have big claims, a large number of pending court cases, large obligations to the tax authorities, obligations to employees, obligations to the utilities companies, which together with accumulated losses from previous years amounted approximately to 2,500,000.00 KM.
The report of an external auditing company confirmed the large number of irregularities. The fact is that the the hotel manager at the time employed several family members who worked exclusively on his orders. It was private business of individuals and not the mode as required in one Cantonal company.
According to the audit findings, the material accounting was not conducted, and the revision showed a deficit of 30,000.00 KM. Large irregularities and illegal actions have been found, and the current Trade Union leadership of the Hotel Marsal were involved in it. Due to frequent blockage of account on the basis of lawsuits, and in order to solve the financial problems and business stabilization of the Hotel, the Government of the Sarajevo Canton approved 250,000.00 KM from the 2015 and 2016 Budget.
There are indications that certain employees, including the current Hotel Trade Union leadership, were involved in criminal activities. The Ministry of Economy of the Sarajevo Canton will inform the Prosecutor's Office for further action within their competences.
Due to this situation at the Hotel "Marsal", temporary measures have been introduced, the governing bodies have been dismissed and interim manager has been appointed. .
The Government of the Sarajevo Canton will decide on the further future of the hotel "Marsal" at the next Government meeting and decide whether the hotel "Marsal" will join the Cantonal Public Company "ZOI '84" OCS or initiate bankruptcy proceedings.
Due to the announced strike of the Union Members of the Hotel, the arrival of two children groups (200 children) from Gradacac has been canceled, which has made additional loss to the Hotel in the amount of approximately 10,000.00 KM.