IMPORTANT NOTICE - Obligation to update the data in the Register of Agricultural Farms and the Register of Customers

Given the frequent difficulties in processing requests and inquiries from municipalities in last year, we ask farmers to pay attention to the update of data in the Agricultural Farms Registry and the registry of customers, namely:


  • Any agricultural holding that deals with animal and / or plant production is obliged to report any changes or updates of data on agricultural holdings no later than 31.03.2018. as prescribed by the Ordinance on registration in the Register of Agricultural Holdings and the Register of Customers ("Official Gazette of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina" No. 42/08). All farms that subsequently apply for changes lose the right to receive financial support in 2018 (after the specified date).


  • All clients who register for the first time in the Register of Agricultural Farms and Clients and apply for financial support in 2018 should also be entered in the time period from 01 Janurar till 31 March, 2018.


  • Clients wishing to make a change of organizational form should do so in the above-mentioned time period, as any subsequent changes to the organizational form of the farm will not be taken into account for this year's financial support.


Please also include all other data changes that relate to your host's basic data such as bank details, contact phone, education, number of members, etc., as all that data is used for processing requests, reporting and future plans.