Announcement to manufacturers of cereal crops

At the beginning of March, we recommend to do the first fertilizing of cereal crops with nitrogen fertilizers like KAN, with the ammount of 100-150 kilograms per hecter, especially of crops that are in week condition.

Because of the weather conditions during the month of February, relatively high temperatures and frequent precipitation and because of the humidity of the land, winter weed control has not been done.

At the end of tillering it is necessary to do weed control on dominant weeds in winter wheat like Apera as well on winter wheat that grows from seed. Besides Apera we single out: stellaria media, wild poppy, wild violet, cornflower, deadnettle and other. We recommend the following herbicides:

Filon, Stomp 330 E, Alistar Grande, Tornado Forte, Legato Plus, Tolurex SC and we also recommend to add some of the herbicides for broadleaf weed control like Lorgan 20 WG. In winter wheats with less weediness with apera we recommend the use of Secator OD. The same product is also very effective to use with Galium.

The weather conditions during the month of February of 2017 forecast the possibilty of early desease development on winter wheats. That is why we advise the manufacturers of wheat to check their crops, and to plan the use of fungicides mid of or the end of March, based on their health.