With 900,000 BAM, The Sarajevo Canton will finance the projects Miljacka riverbed and the construction of water supply network in the Bačići business zone

Minister of Economy of the Sarajevo Canton, Muharem Šabić and Mayor of the Novi Grad Municipality Semir Efendić signed the agreements on co-financing the projects of cleaning and regulating the riverbed of Miljacka river, and the construction of water supply network in the Bačići business zone (Novi Grad Municipality).

For the project of cleaning the Miljacka riverbed upstream from the estuary in the river Bosna, as well as its coasts in the part that flows through Novi Grad Municipality, the Ministry of Economy provided 470,000 BAM. Minister Šabić said that these are dedicated funds for water fees from this year’s Sarajevo Canton Budget.

“With the other signed agreement, 100,000 BAM was granted from the Sarajevo Canton Budget, for the means of installing a street pipeline in Bačići from Briješće traffic circle to the depot in Rajlovac. Institute for Construction of the Sarajevo Canton will grant an additional 330,000 BAM, which will, we expect, be enough for the regulation of water supply for six enterprises in that business zone”, said Minister Šabić.

Mayor Efendić, pointed out, that these agreements imply a realization of activities in the area of this Municipality, and especially when we talk about the regulation of Miljacka riverbed.  

“Only in the area of our Municipality, there is a part of river Miljacka which is not regulated through the capital city. This section extends from the building of BiH Television to the estuary in the river Bosna. These funds will help us regulate this part of the Miljacka riverbed in a appropriate way. We will finally solve the problem of inadequate water supply network in the business zone Bačići, which currently doesn’t fulfill the basic technical elements for water supply”, said Mayor Efendić.  

Novi Grad Municipality will conduct the project activities, and monitoring of the works will be conducted by the Institute for Construction of the Sarajevo Canton. The works will begin after the procedures of public procurements have been finished.