1400 meters of forest path paved in Udrabi settlement – Ilijaš Municipality

In Udrabi settlement (Ilijaš Municipality) 1400 meters of forest path has been paved and reconstructed. The works have been financed by the Ministry of Economy of the Sarajevo Canton via the Cantonal Forestry Office, with the amount of BAM 150.000, and by Ilijaš Municipality with the amount of BAM 60.000. The project has been implemented by the Cantonal Public Enterprise “Sarajevo-šume”.  

Financial means from public forest functions are coming from this area and these financial means should be returned to the local community through these kind of projects. Wood resources are being transported via this path. During this process the path is being damaged and therefore it is our obligation to realize this project. The project will produce benefits for the residents of this area”, said the Minister of Economy of the Sarajevo Canton Muharem Šabić. Šabić, alongside the Minister of finance Jasmin Halebić, representatives of Ilijaš Municipality and this local community, representatives of Public Enterprise “Sarajevo-šume” and Forestry Office of the Sarajevo Canton, visited the completed works on this section of the path.

Mayor of the Ilijaš Municipality Akif Fazlić, said that this project makes life easier for 100 families living in this settlement.

“Two sections of the path have been paved, one through Udrabi settlement (920 meters long) and a shorter section, the one that connects this settlement with Gajine settlement. In this way, the basic road communication has been completed for these areas”, said Mayor Fazlić, and he also added that through means intended for these purposes, further efforts for improving the quality of life of local residents will be made.

By the words of Nermin Demirović, Director of “Sarajevo-šume”, forestry as a branch of economy has always been about oppening road communication, this was followed by settlement of these areas, and their modernization as well. He said, that through this project, the competent public enterprises alongside other participants, showed that they take care of local residents interests.