Oman Investors interested in investing in the Sarajevo Canton tourism


Muharem Šabić, Minister of Economy of the Sarajevo Canton received today a delegation of the Chamber of Commerce of the Kingdom of Oman who was interested in ways of investing in the Sarajevo Canton, especially in the field of tourism, as well as establishing cooperation with the Sarajevo Canton Tourism Association.

Minister Šabić explained in detail the conditions and numerous advantages of investing in this Canton, as well as activities and measures implemented by the Government and the Ministry of Economy to further help the investors.

He thanked the leaders of the Chamber and the businessmen from Oman for their interest in investing here and invited them to participate at the Business Conference to be held in Sarajevo on 26 and 27 September this year.

Muamer Mahmutović, the President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Sarajevo Canton was also present at the meeting.

The winter season at Bjelašnica and Igman will last for a minimum of 120 days

Muharem Šabić, Minister of Economy of the Sarajevo Canton and Ibral Berilo, Mayor of Trnovo signed the co-financing agreement for the "Hojta Regional Water Supply - Bjelašnica – Igman". This is the most sophisticated water system that has been done in the last 20 years, and the Ministry of Finance co-financed it with 2.800.000,00 BAM.

"This is one of the most important Sarajevo Canton Government projects and the first big investment in Mt Bjelasnica after the 1984 Winter Olympic Games. At that time, the problem of artificial snow had not been solved.
From this winter season, all winter sports enthusiasts will be able to enjoy skiing for at least 120 days, said Minister Šabić.
According to Minister Šabić, with setting a six-seater and a four-seater lift will provide a higher conveyance speed, which will surely improve the winter tourist season.

Minister Šabić announced that the technical admission should be completed by mid-October, and the relevant Ministry is planning to ensure the development of summer tourism, which is extremely popular in the modern world

As Mayor Berilo explained, the project will provide water supply within the Bjelašnica area to the border of Ilidža and Hadžići municipalities, and in the next year, works in the Pandurica and Šiljak, Čaklji, Donja and Gornja Grkalica and Veliko polje areas, are planned.

"Now we can guarantee that we will have water for artificial snow from the top of Bjelašnica to Babin do as well as the Donja Kolijevka," said Mayor Berilo, and stated that after next year it will not be need to pump water for Bjelašnica and Igman areas.

A consortium of companies Ame d.o.o, Hydrom and MGBH have been selected to perform works on the Hojta - Bjelašnica - Igman water supply.