Forestry Directorate of Canton Sarajevo: Making fire in forests and near forests is prohibited, fines amount up to 1,500 BAM


<p class="rtejustify">Forestry Directorate of Canton Sarajevo warns on increased danger of outbreak of forest fires, because during this period a large number of citizens visit mountains and other excursion sites, and because a lot of spring landscaping works are being conducted. The Directorate appeals to the excursionists, and especially to the owners of land plots bordering with forest to be careful during their activities in order to prevent starting a forest fire.</p>
<p class="rtejustify">The Directorate stated that “pursuant to Article 73 of the Law on Woods of Canton Sarajevo, persons who make fire in forests and near forest land (within 150m proximity) will be fined 200 to 1,500 BAM. Making fire in forests and near forest land is allowed only at places which are determined and marked, while following all the prescribed conditions and security measures”.</p>
<p class="rtejustify">The Directorate also appeals to citizens, that if they notice a forest fire they immediately call the Professional fire brigade of Canton Sarajevo.</p>