Continuation of a good cooperation between the Government of Canton Sarajevo and the Association of Employers


On the initiative of the Association of Employers concerning the reduction of communal fees with the goal of facilitation of doing business, the Prime Minister of Canton Sarajevo, Elmedin Konaković, along with his ministers Mario Nenadić, Senad Hasanspahić, Jasmin Halebić, Muharem Šabić held a meeting concerning this particular issue with the representatives of this Association, led by their president Safudin Čengić. Besides Čengić, other representatives of the Association who took part in this meeting were Nijaz Skenderagić, Muhamed Zero, Zlatan Dedić and Enver Malagić. The director of Cantonal Public Utilities “Rad” Selim Babić, also attended the meeting.

Director Babić attended the meeting because the remark of the Association was primarily focused on the unjust methodology of determining the price of waste disposal for companies, because, currently the price is being determined based on the squared meter of their business premises. “The goal of the Government of Canton Sarajevo is a subvention, but also a partial or even a complete withdrawal of these kind of charges to businessmen, in order to make doing business for you easier, and to enable an increase of your business activities, and by doing that to stimulate you to employ more unemployed people in our Canton”, said prime minister Konaković.

He announced, that in the next few days, there will be changes concerning the current prices of “Rad” services that will include the correction of the current method of determining prices, and reduction of prices for the service of waste disposal. Director Babić accepted this initiative and acknowledged that the current methodology of determining prices is not the fairest one, and he also said that it is the interest of “Rad” to determine a better method of determining prices. On behalf of the Association of Employers, businessman Nijaz Skenderagić praised the cooperation of the current Government and businessmen and he also stated this cooperation should be an example to everyone else in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the end of today’s meeting a joint seating of the Government of Canton Sarajevo and businessmen of Canton Sarajevo was announced.