Artificial snow making system


Short description:
The realization of the project started in 2008. LOT 1 was made in 2009, and the collection well was made in 2010. In 2011 and 2012, work of LOT 2 and 3 continued. The project envisages rehabilitation of water accumulation at intermediate stop of the cable car, a hydrant installation, electrical installation, cabinets for connecting devices for snow producing, pumping stations and the purchase of snow guns. It is very important that the system is aesthetically integrated into the natural environment and that it complies with all European standards in terms of ecology. Pure water (without any chemicals) will be used for the production of snow.

Needed funds: 8.400,000,00 KM
Available project documentation:
- Feasibility study
- Cost-benefit analysis
- Environmental impact analysis
- Tender documents, the main project of the Phase I, the main project of the phase II, the project geotechnics - mission G21, the main project of Reservoirs II.