Presentation of the work results of the Canton Sarajevo Government: Increased Budget and reduced number of employes in the public sector


The Prime Minister of Canton Sarajevo, Elmedin Konaković and the ministers of the Canton Sarajevo Government presented their work results during the last two years and four months of their term.

This Government operates with the best Assembly in the state, and I am especially glad that we have managed to increase salary to the users of the budget, while maintaining the same income”, said Prime Minister Konaković at the beginning of the Press Conference.

He also said that the Government conducted a serious public administration reform, which has been backed up by the facts that after the employment moratorium, the number of employes in Canton Sarajevo has been reduced by 230.

Besides cutting down on the number of employes the Canton Sarajevo Government put a focus on the human resource development in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Inspectorate and the Prosecutors Office which are important tools for system management. In the recent period 129 police officers, 30 inspectors and 30 people in the Cantonal Prosecutors Office has been employed with the purpose of human resource development.

Employment in the public sector without a public call has been prevented and a more transparent system of public procurements has been provided. These are just some of the Governments strategic decisions.

Konaković said that the number of employed persons in the Canton Sarajevo has been increased. At the moment there are 152,400 employed person which is 7,5 thousand employed persons more than at the beginning of this Governments term. Therefore the Budget has also been increased because of the income tax. The number of registered unemployed persons is 66,800.

In the communal economy we have 347 less employed people in enterprises, with cut downs in the number of employes in GRAS (600 people less). These trends are evident everywhere except in the enterprise KJKP “Vodovod i kanalizacija” d.o.o. Sarajevo. We have managed to overcome the deficit of 63 million BAM and with that we have also managed to change the date of state cervant salaries payment from 30th and 31th to 14th of the month”, said Prime Minister Konaković.

This Government expects transparency in work from all the other enterprises and institutions in the public sector.

Because the Minister of Traffic did not attend the press conference, Konaković also mentioned the activities of this Ministry.

The first transversal has officially started with the construction, a public call has been published for the first section from Bare to the Tunnel, the construction of South Longitudinal has been continued, while the construction of the Ninth is planned to be realized with loans based on the sold bonds”, said Prime Minister Konaković.

In the rest of this presentation, ministers of the Canton Sarajevo Government, have highlighted the most important projects and activities in the recent period.

The Minister of Finance of Canton Sarajevo, Jasmin Halebić, said that Canton Sarajevo has the smallest debt with reduced number of state servants, and with debt repayment.

This led to the first signals of financial stability. At the same time we had a problem of unpaid law suits

and in the last two years, around 11 million BAM has been paid out. We have included all of the Budget users in the Canton Sarajevo Treasury, and we have increased the standard of living to everyone who earns their salary from the Budget as we slightly increased the base of their salary”, said Minister Halebić.

He added that, in their search for better financing sources, they avoided loans and that is why two series of bonds have been issued and they have been issued successfully .

We also improved the business environment with amendments of a number of laws and with international projects, thanks to these we have more registered companies in the Sarajevo Canton. We are the first canton to find financial means for development projects via bond issuing”, said Minister Halebić.

Minister of Justice and Administration Mario Nenadić said that Canton Sarajevo complies with the judgement of constitutional courts. As he adds, Canton Sarajevo conducts the inspection over the work of 2,200 citizen associations which are registered at his Ministry. He also highlighted that in the next days he will be occupied with Canton Sarajevo Constitution amendments.

The first thing we did is the correction of salaries in the public enterprises and institutions of Canton Sarajevo. We improved the Law on inspections by making inspections more efficient, we also increased the significance of the Assembly as the owner of public property, and right now the biggest challenges for us are the amendments to Constitution of Canton Sarajevo from L to LVII. The work of the courts and public administration has been improved, backlogs of Canton Sarajevo on the ground of legal obligations to the judiciary have been paid”, said Minister Nenadić and he also added that confinement capacities have been improved as well as the work for common good.

The cantonal Minister for Education, Science and Youth Elvir Kazazović has also addressed the media. He said that a lot has been done concerning stability of the Ministries budget with the goal of achieving surplus for the improvement of infrastructure and education.

We passed a number of laws on different levels of education, and a lot of others are ready in this moment. This has been done in order to straighten out things completely. We have reconstructed the Student Centers, University swimming pool, we constructed the object of the Academy of the Performing Arts Academy. We have also been part of the construction and co-financing of a number of elementary schools, high schools and a number of supplementary school objects. Moreover, our focus was quality control and school informatization, and for the first time an online enrollment in high schools was conducted”, explained Minister Kazazović and he also added that for the first time, all the spots in the crafts department in all of the professional schools in Canton Sarajevo have been filled during the first enrollment term.

The Minister of Health of Canton Sarajevo Zilha Ademaj spoke about the fact that everything that is being done in the Ministry is being done for the first time in the last 25 years.

At the beginning of our term we have completed a large analysis of all the capacities of healthcare of the Canton, which showed that most of institutions did not meet a number of conditions. That is why we adopted the plan of restructuring healthcare and reorganization of healthcare institutions. According to this plan, all the activities in which all the institutions are involved, should be completed until December of this year. Then we will make a new plan of healthcare and a financial plan of healthcare institutions”, said Minister Ademaj.

According to her, a new healthcare plan and a new model of financing will be made in 2018.

We have systemically solved a number of different things, as the 3 year plan of deratisation in the area of Canton Sarajevo or the essential medication list which has been created an o completely new basis, With this we have corrected a number of deviations in drug prescribing and drug use. We have saved money by stopping a trend of uncontrolled medication usage”, Minister Ademaj concluded.

Amela Dautbegović, Minister of Labor, Social Policy, Displaced Persons and Refuges said that after the passing of the Amendments of the Law on social protection, protection of civil casualties of war and shaheed and killed soldiers families as well and number of other laws intended to help marginalized groups of the population.

We are working on the suppression of juvenile delinquency and begging and also on taking care of stray dogs. Concerning the fact that every fifth resident of the Sarajevo Canton lies in bed hungry, soon we will make a strategy for suppressing poverty”, said Minister Dautbegović and she also added that they passed 16 measures for hiring and nine solutions for syndicate representativeness and we also finished a project for housing of 11 families in the Stari Grad Sarajevo Municipality.

The Minister of spatial planning, construction and environment protection of the Sarajevo Canton Čedomir Lukić said that the Law on Spatial Planning and the Law on Managing Joint Parts of Buildings are among the most important activities that were realized during his term.

The thing we are especially working on is increasing energy efficiency in Canton Sarajevo”, said Minister Lukić.

Moreover, he said, it is important to highlight the citizen housing problem, especially of the youth. Through the projects of this Ministry, 200 cases in this department have been solved in the form of help provided for the purchase of appartments.

Almost seven million BAM has been provided for the realization of projects at the location of “Regional Center for Waste Disposal Smiljevići” said Minister Lukić.

Muharem Šabić, Minister of Economy said that during his term, the Budget of the Ministry has been tripled and it now amounts to 30 million BAM and it is mostly being used for capital projects.

First of all we have created the Law on Small and Medium Enterprises Incentive, which came to life in the area of Canton Sarajevo. We have passed the Law on public-private partnership and we are already working on two big projects, illumination and one garage in the area of Stari Grad Municipality. Moreover, we will soon ask for the adoption of the Law on Concessions in order to regulate this sector as well.”