The Economic-social Council of Canton Sarajevo supported the amendments to the Canton Sarajevo Constitution


The Economic-social Council of Canton Sarajevo supported the amendments L to LVII on the Canton Sarajevo Constitution and amendments of the Law on Tourism during its 62nd session.

As the Minister of Labor, Social Policy, Displaced Persons and Refuges and the President of Economic-social Council stated, amendments have been supported completely with the conclusion that this Council should send an initiative to the Assembly of Canton Sarajevo which should ask from the federal institutitons for the indirect election of the mayor, because this is a matter that can not be regulated at the cantonal level.

While reviewing the Law on Tourism, Minister Dautbegović explained that the amendments of that Law in the part of fee charges and rights and obligations takeover from the old Tourist Association have been discussed.

The Councill concluded that all social partners, and especially representatives of tourist business in the Canton should take part in the making of these amendments in the next 3 months. They should also take part in finding the best solutions in this area, by following the model from the neighbouring countries.

The Minister of Justice and Administration of Canton Sarajevo Mario Nenadić, explained that the preparations for Assembly discussion on the ammendments on the Constitution of Canton Sarajevo.

He explained in more detail that these amendments, along with the detailed prescriptions of the canton, cities and municipalities competencies, defines common competencies related to objects and joint communal infrastructure in Canton Sarajevo.

The Economic-social Council has also considered the request of Employers Association for the termination of the Decision on the Protection and Quality Improvement of Air in Canton Sarajevo. They concluded that this Decision needs to be revised and in that process all the competent ministries and the Association of Employers will need to be included.