On July 7th, 2017, the representatives of the Ministry of Economy of the Sarajevo Canton and the World Bank visited the company Centrotrans Eurolines within the Post - investment Cooperation Network as part of the Post Investment Support Program implemented with the technical support of the World Bank Group and the United Kingdom Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

The Post - investment Cooperation Network was established in order to create a mechanism for identifying and faster resolving open issues of investors in order to enable the growth and development of companies in BiH and thus contribute to the sustainable economic development of the local community. Each year the Post - investment Cooperation Network is expanding through the inclusion of new members.

During the visit, representatives of the Company Centrotrans Eurolines, as one of the most important investors in the Sarajevo Canton, presented the projects, pointed out all the open issues and difficulties and barriers they encountered during their work. The mutual conclusion suggests that it is necessary to change the legal regulation and the accompanying regulations to allow those who want to invest, to get the required documentation faster and simpler with minimum costs.

The Post - investment Support Program aims to deepen the communication between investors and competent cantonal services in order to achieve the growth and development of these companies.

The Sarajevo Canton Government, through the Sarajevo Canton Ministry of Economy, is an active participant of the Post - investment Cooperation Network, who is actually an active member of the network of institutions at all levels of government established to provide support to investors in overcoming administrative barriers in the realization of their entrepreneurial ideas.

As part of the project to attract investors - Project LIFE, the World Bank, in cooperation with the UK Embassy provides technical assistance to the Cooperation Network and to the Post - investment Support Program in the Sarajevo Canton.